Felipe Yofre Sr.

Partner & CEO

Felipe Yofre Sr. was born in Cordoba, Argentina and discovered his love of buildings at an early age. Whilst his father was a lawyer and wished him to follow his path, Felipe's love of art and design led him into architecture where he graduated from the University of Cordoba, Argentina. As both architect and professor, Felipe has contributed much to the architectural community in Argentina until he eventually moved to Italy and joined Intec. In 1978, after Intec won a competition to design Bahrain's first mall (Yateem Center), Felipe set up offices in the Kingdom.

Felipe Yofre Jr.

Partner & Managing Director of Doha operation

Felipe Yofre Jr. was immersed in art growing up in Bahrain. His father, an international architect, his mother is a painter and artist. After looking into architecture and graphic design, Felipe Jr decided that his love of science and art would lead him into architecture. After graduating from the Universidad Catolica de Cordoba, Argentina and working freelance there, Felipe Jr moved back permanently to Bahrain where he joined Intec first as Lead Architect and then as Partner, bringing with him his passion for environmental and sustainable design.

Carlos Villarroel

Lead Architect

Carlos Villarroel completed his studies in Architecture at the Universidad Catolica de Cordoba, in Argentina, where he gain valuable experience working in local and international architectural firms. In 2003 Carlos joined Intec Bahrain and quickly assumed an important role as a Lead Architect and recently, General Manager. Carlos has a passion for sustainable architecture and has recently became a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) professional, consolidating Intec’s pursuit for greener buildings and sustainable designs.
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